Literally meaning Viennese Blood, the expression seeks to describe the particular attitude of the Viennese people, shaped by the unique cultural and diverse ethnic background of the late 19th century Austro-Hungarian metropolis.

Today, WienerBlut is carried by distinguished retailers across the globe.

WienerBlut in Palermo is also available in our boutique in Via Alcide De Gasperi, 62.

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Wienerblut Klubwasser

WienerBlut | perfume 1510 Klubwasser


Wienerblut Unheimlich

WienerBlut | perfume 1509 UNHEIMLICH


Wienerblut Freudian Wood

WienerBlut | perfume 1507 Freudian Wood


Wienerblut Volkamaria

WienerBlut | perfume 1506 Volkamaria


Wienerblut Sale Marino

WienerBlut | perfume 1505 Sale Marino


Wienerblut Nord Du Nord

WienerBlut | perfume 1504 Nord du Nord


Wienerblut Palais Nizam

WienerBlut | perfume 1503 Palais Nizam


Wienerblut Hesperia

WienerBlut | perfume 1502 Hesperia


Wienerblut Ex Voto

WienerBlut | perfume 1501 Ex Voto

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