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20 August 2019


The exclusive Edward Green shoes have finally arrived at Inzerillo Boutique! Mr. Edward Green established his own workshop in Northampton in 1980 and began to produce high-quality men’s luxury shoes. His philosophy was – and still is – “making the best shoes possible”. The...
01 July 2019


The past weeks were busy for Inzerillo Boutique; the owner and fashion buyer Marco Inzerillo was on a tour visiting the major fashion cities: Florence with Pitti, Milan and Paris with Men Fashion Weeks. He is now selecting for you the best articles of...
13 June 2019

Summer 2019 best trends to shop now!

Summer is here! At Inzerillo Boutique we are ready to enjoy vacation and the beach, we selected for you the best outfits for the beach, a romantic dinner by the sea...
27 May 2019

Inzerillo Boutique at Cannes Film Festival

This year the Cannes Film Festival felt close to home at Inzerillo Boutique as we had the honor of dressing the actor Fabrizio Ferracane. The Italian actor and the rest of the cast of...
19 April 2019

DONDUP D/ZERO: There is no Planet B but change is possible.

Never before attention to the environment has been so high in all sectors. Raising awareness towards environmental impact of industrial production has affected all areas of production, including fashion. We have reached a point where we can no longer pretend that nothing has happened, we must intervene immediately to...
06 March 2019

26 February 2019

3 brands that will turn back time

Clothes are more than pieces of fabric that cover up our bodies. They can make you feel powerful or handsome, they can make you stand out, but they can also define how others perceive you. Overall, clothes are extremely relevant on first impressions.The colours, the materials and the design can greatly influence your...
01 February 2019

5 clothes she wishes you would wear

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and you will want to look your best. On Valentine’s there’s only one person you need to impress and that’s your date. But what if you can impress her every day?Women are hard to read, but we have been researching and there are some pieces of clothing that...
14 January 2019

5 stylish places to visit in 2019

Italy is probably the most fashionable country in the world. Milan, Rome, Florence… you name it. Italians have a good taste in clothes and the whole planet knows about it. But there are other cities which will delight fashion’s toughest critics. So pack your best outfits and book a trip...
02 January 2019

Man's Trends for 2019

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to dress better, you are in luck. We’ve been studying the fashion trends for 2019 and these are our top favourite ones.Tailor Made is backThis one has actually never left the spotlight for us, as we know that a well-tailored suit is...
15 December 2018

What to wear this holiday season

On Monday you’ll be going to the pub with your friends for “Pre-Christmas Drinks”, on Thursday it’s the company’s Secret Santa, next Tuesday is Christmas and one week after New Years! It’s the most eventful month of the year and everyone will expect you to be on point EVERY. SINGLE....
01 December 2018

The perfect Christmas gifts for the men in your life

Christmas is the time when you can cherish the people who make you who you are. Friends and Family are those who support you during the best and worst times and it’s nice to have a moment where you can give back.For this Christmas, we have a list with the perfect gifts for each family member, making sure that...
15 November 2018

5 essential accessories to buy during the Black Friday

It’s the most exciting moment for shopping lovers all around the world. Gentlemen’s, Black Friday is here! And to guide you through this time of chaos and endless choices, we decided to pock some of our favourite and essential accessories for the winter season.A Scarf Scarves can...
30 October 2018

What to pack for a short Business Trip

 When packing a business trip you want to think light and smart. Versatility is key and you have to make sure that everything you take with you matches. For a two days trip one jacket, one or two pairs of pants and two shirts should do the trick.The jacketChose a jacket that...
01 October 2018

5 brands you must have to face this Winter

 Like Ned Stark says “Winter is Coming”. The wind, cold and snow are just around the corner, but that is alright! Why? Because Inzerillo is ready for it!For this season, Inzerillo partnered with some of the best brands in the World for Winter and outdoors equipment, which will make you ready to...
28 September 2018

John Lobb: Exclusive British shoes in Sicily

 Our new brand partnership comes directly from London. Being the only representative of John Lobb in Sicily, we couldn’t be more proud and excited to introduce you to this extremely brand.With 150 years of history, John Lobb has been making the finest shoes and boots for gentlemen...
03 September 2018

5 menswear trends for Fall/Winter 2018-2019

 After giving you a taste of the best colours to wear this season, it’s time to share the trends that are going to take over the streets during the next months. From futuristic clothes to tiger patters Fall/Winter...
20 August 2018

Top colours for Fall/Winter 18-19

Just like trees, every fashion season we renovate our colours. And as we are about to enter the fall we thought it would be a good idea to tell you what’s hot this winter. The trends have dictated that this year, the colours will be very earthy and close to nature. Here are the top 3 choices that should be featured in...
01 August 2018

VEJA, take a step in the right direction

 Born from the desire to take a stand and make things differently in the fashion industry, VEJA wants you to look (veja means look in Portuguese) beyond the product and be conscious of all it takes to assemble the perfect sneakers. If you believe in fair trade, workers’ rights and if you want to reduce your...
23 July 2018

Why is Kanken the coolest backpack on the planet?

 Having been part of Swedish households since 1978, the Kaken bag was initially developed by Fjallraven as a school backpack for children but, in the last years, its popularity grew so much that it has become a fashion item and it promises...
03 July 2018

The best Kits from 2018 Worldcup

We know that the Worldcup is about stamina, performance and emotion, but isn’t it also (a bit) about fashion? We think so!  After all, this Worldcup has brought us some of the most memorable kits ever and beautiful designs. Are you ready to discover our top 5?Nigeria Nigeria’s...
28 June 2018

What to take on a sailing weekend

First rule: practical clothes; Second rule: the clothes have to be stylish.When heading to a sailing weekend these are our golden rules. A light waterproof backpack, a group of friends, sunshine and a sailing boat seem to be the secret to happiness.  But what should you take on the backpack?...
06 June 2018

Keep it cool, summer is here

Days are getting longer and temperatures are rising. Thinking about tying a tie is tortuous and the heavy blazers start looking better inside the closet than on you. But Summer also brings a ton of events: from sunset parties to family picnics the heat isn’t an excuse to go out of style!So here are our tips for...
09 October 2017

The 2018 Trends in one post

The first leaves have fallen from the trees, and the colourful carpet that they form colours our cities, reminding us that autumn has already started. The warm temperatures during the day could distract us, but the crisp air of mornings and evenings calls for the first cotton sweaters and a wardrobe that scents of winter...