The VEJA project creates a positive chain.  
Sneakers that are made differently. Using organic & fairly traded cotton for the canvas of the shoes. Using wild & fairly traded rubber for the soles. Using recycled plastic bottles to create a technological fabric. Made in a high standard factory in Brazil. Mixing it with minimalist aesthetics & innovative technologies.

Veja in Palermo is also available in our boutique in Via Alcide De Gasperi, 62.

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Veja V-10 Cwl

Veja Sneaker VX0702901A WHITE BLACK

Veja Venturi Cwl

Veja Sneaker VC0703183A WHITE PIERRE

Veja Dekkan Alveomesh

Veja Sneaker DC1803203B GRAFITE PIERRE

Veja V-12 Leather

Veja Sneaker XD0202335A EXTRA WHITE SABLE

Veja V-10 Leather


Veja Roraima Suede

Veja Sneaker QR0301642B BROWN BLACK GUM SOLE

Veja V-10 Chfree Leather

Veja Sneakers VX0502935A EXTRA WHITE PLATINE

Veja Veja X Ba&Sh Alvmesh

Veja Sneaker BH0103069A BASH OURO PIERRE

Veja Venturi Alvmesh

Veja Sneaker VT0102993A DUNE BUTTER SABLE

Veja V-15 Suede

Veja Sneaker VQ0302912A DUNE PIERRE

Veja Roraima Suede

Veja sneakers QR0302969A Dune Almond

Veja V-12 Leather

Veja Sneaker XD0202896A EXTRA WHITE DUNE

Veja Venturi Ripstop

Veja Sneaker VT0102613A DESERT LAVANDE

Veja Dekkan

Veja Sneakers DC0102864B SEA SHEPHERD BLACK

Veja V-12 Leather

Sneaker Veja XD0202297B EXTRA WHITE

Veja V-12 Leather

Sneaker Veja XD0202297A EXTRA WHITE

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