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Orciani reinvents the design and use of the belt with NOBUCKLE, expression of elegance above all fashion.

NOSIZE, NOSEASON. Without buckle, without cuts, endless aesthetic potential. An evergreen discounted, a belt timeless through the seasons from generation to generation.

Orciani Nobuckle literally buckle is the result of a 'careful operates manufacturing and craftsmanship, using only the finest materials skillfully worked to create a collection of accessories of great sophistication and prestige where the Italian quality is found in every detail.

It was the 70s when Claudio Orciani made the first model of the belt without buckle; Nobuckle combines the past, present and future. An accessory timeless design and accantivante while, available in many colors, materials and workmanship is perfectly suited to all the figures because no size and easily adjustable, and yet "no sound" (does not sound the metal detector), "no sign "(because the patented non-marking on 'auction linked to its use)," no-nickel "(which are totally nickel-free).

Designed for a contemporary man and cosmopolitan, a citizen of the world in constant motion but decided, confident and style-conscious.

An accessory that can transmit the personality of those who choose it and wears it.


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