The passion for research, for collecting, for vintage handed out from father to son, in a family grown with love for beauty, for unique pieces, tied to history and tradition of his country but with love for travel, make research, collect objects of the past and the present, full of history, like toys made of tin coming from the fifties, epochal motorcycles ,frames form the 800,pieces from the past that fascinate the future.

The Bernard Family is rich of passion that transmit everyday to his sons Simone and Giovanni, grown inside parents and their friends  hobby which have been transmitted to them the love for research and the discovery of new thing since they were young.

In this way the brothers decided to bring all their history, and their roots in fashion, creating a company that produces garments for men and boys with a very high quality. The collections are created researching fabrics and new processing techniques, dyed  garments, washed and dyed wool, manual treatment for a vintage look. The cuts are soft and casual, the finishing are precious, the attention to details, are all factors that determine the success of Myths, brand that is able to unify style and the elegant Italian tailoring and the British refinement.

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