GM77 is an Italian brand acronym of its founder Gianmario Matera and his year of birth.

A brand born to tell his ideal of wardrobe for men, made of well-finished garments, English fabrics, Scottish tweed, Japanese denim where the common denominated is the quality and Italian manufacturing tradition.

Garments characterized by an elegant taste and clean lines, there is no room for tinsel or logos, but only for practical and essential garments, dedicated to modern explorers and aimed at celebrating the concept of modern classicism.

GM77 in Palermo is also available in our boutique in Via Alcide De Gasperi, 62.

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Gm 77 Double Breast

GM 77 | Coat CAAT133 CA CAMMEL


Gm 77 Double Breast

GM 77 | Coat CAAT133 BL BLUE

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