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Carolina Finamore decided to host her first workshop in the historical centre of Naples in 1925. She created shirts in accordance with the Neapolitan "high fashion rules", which to this day represent global guidelines in terms of elegance and style for a select group of customers. She taught her son  Alberto Finamore  and his wife Stefania these rules and skills, who then opened their first large workshop in San Giorgio a Cremano in the 1960s. Backed and supported by his wife Stefania, who also came from a long line of tradespeople, Alberto, blessed with an excellent head for business, soon made the jump from "workshop" to important, high fashion business.


The combination of culture, tradition, and state of the art machinery transformed the family business into one of the most forward-thinking in their field.The third generation of Finamores  took over the business in the 1990s . Simone, Paolo, Andrea, and Annamaria devoted themselves just as fully to the company as their predecessors, allowing them to improve the level of excellence and quality of their products even more.




To this day, the Finamore label is characterised by excellent style and great taste, and is synonymous for beautiful products rich in luxurious detail. The so-called “Carolina World” has expanded exponentially to date. These creations have become an important international brand, represented in the most highly renowned and exclusive multi-brand boutiques and fashion houses around the world. 


The shirts are made entirely by hand and as tradition dictates, only the very best fabrics and trendiest cuts  are used. That is what makes them so unique and exclusive. Every seam, and each button hole is sewn with extra fine stitching for an absolutely masterful finish. The cleanly finished shoulder sections and soft, unpadded collars are some of the trademark techniques handed down from the oldest of Neapolitan traditions. Finamore shirts are a real gem and are the “crème de la crème” of Italian designer shirts.


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Finamore Shirt 170/2

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Finamore Shirt 170/2

$288.59 $202.01
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