The Amsterdam-based brand, Filling Pieces, specializing in footwear for men, was founded by designer Guillaume Philibert Chin in 2009.

While studying architecture, Guillaume notes the lack of an affordable premium sneakers, made of high quality fabrics and leathers; so he launched a brand new high-end casual footwear.

The designer made his debut at the end of 2009, launching the 'lowtop' a sneaker that mixed elegance and street couture; he started to produce fifty pairs in Asia, distributing them among relatives, friends and stores.

Today Filling produces footwear in a well experienced factory in Portugal, collections are  are handmade, using the finest leather and with Margom vulcanized rubber sole.

The unique design and the affordable price allow Filling Pieces to aim at a very wide target audience, thanks to innovative designs it meets the need of those who are looking for chic and sporty shoes.

Filling Pieces in Palermo is also available in our boutique in Via Alcide De Gasperi, 62.