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Drumohr is an established knitwear brand, founded in Scotland,1770, and today Italian by acquisition.

James Paterson founded the company in Dumfries, south of the Highlands, where waters, rich in calcium, give a particular softness to cashmere.

Drumohr heritage t is handed down from generation to generation, and the brand reached a great success, becoming a Scottish symbol, beloved by the King of Norway, celebrities, British Royal Family members, including George V, Edward VIII Duke of Windsor and Prince Charles.

Today the brand is entirely made ​​in Italy: the Ciocca family, one of the best name of Italian production, and Maurizio Marinella, have repositioned Druhmor in the international market.

The Group has provided innovative and creative elements, still maintaining the traditional rules of Scottish manufacturing, the traditional details in selection of the finest cashmere, wool and cotton.

Collections propose cardigans with front pockets, vests to scarves, ties and socks.

Classic garments are offered in plain colours or enhanced by diamonds, rows or braids, and elegant patterns such as tartan, the Clancy or the immortal “cookie”, a symbol of the European aristocracy, revisited in modern colour combinations.


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Drumohr Polo Shirt Ls

$191.24 $133.87

Drumohr Polo Shirt Ls

$191.24 $133.87

Drumohr Polo Shirt Ls

$191.24 $133.87
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