Doucal's is a historic Italian brand of footwear for men, born in 1973.

The Doucal's shoes are classic and sober men, handcrafted with innovation and research details.

Very high quality made in Italy, for a niche product that has evolved the concept of classic and vintage chic.

Vitelli brushed by hand, woven leather, stitching English, alternate on loafers, oxfords and ankle boots.

Doucal's, has always been synonymous of footwear durable, comfortable and away from the fast pace of seasonal trends.

Doucal's in Palermo is also available in our boutique in Via Alcide De Gasperi, 62.

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Doucals Buckled

Doucal`s Loafer DU3161NWTOUY231 DM06 BROWN

Doucals Buckled

Doucal`s Loafer DU3023PANAUF232 TM23 BROWN

Doucals Tassel Moc Printed

Doucal`s Loafer DU2984PANAUF232 NB00 BLUE

Doucals Francesina Puntale


Doucals Sneakers

Doucals sneakers DU3147HUGHUY214 IW00 White

Doucals Sneakers

Doucals sneakers DU3147HUGHUY214 IB00 Blue

Doucals Beatles

Doucal`s Boots DD8036PHILUF228 NN00 BLACK

Doucals Visone

Doucal`s Sneaker DU2335KOBEUF009 RM00 BROWN

Doucals Loafer

Doucal`s Loafer DD8582PHILUF201 NN00 BLACK

Doucals Crimp

Doucal`s Lace-up DU3083PHILUF087 TM23 BROWN

Doucals Triumph

Doucal`s bootie DU3082PHILUF205 TM06 Brown

Doucals Loafer

Doucal`s Loafer DU2405PHOEUY067 MW08

Doucals Francesina

Doucal`s Oxford DU2630YORKUF028 NN00 OLD BLACK

Doucals Penny Loafer Horse

Doucal`s loafer DU1006PUNCUF007 NN00 BLACK

Doucals Derby

Derby oxford Doucal`s DU1003YORKUF028 NN00 BLACK

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