Caruso is a clothing brand that produces classic high-end garments for men, founded in 1958 by Campania tailor Raffaele Caruso.

The company is also named to pay tribute to the eponymous tenor Enrico Caruso who loved semi-unlined hemp jackets with roomy pockets.

Sober and elegant dresses, jackets and suits for a man who loves aesthetic and stylistic rigor.

Fefè, Ricky and Tao, are some of the prototypes of the Caruso brand, witnesses of a cosmopolitan, refined and tailored wardrobe.

Light fabrics and trousers with a dry line in washed or garment dyed cottons, mixed with deconstructed jackets made with typical shirting fabrics, in madras or checked patterns, with funky inspiration, also characterized by multipockets, ideal for inserting smartphones and products hi-tech.

Caruso in Palermo is also available in our boutique in Via Alcide De Gasperi, 62.

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Caruso Figaro Jacket

Caruso Jacket FG2D612A.500348 540 MID BEIGE

Caruso Military Double Breasted

Caruso Coat MC510F.507858 120 DARK BLUE

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