The Italian fashion designer Canali  stands for masterful tailoring, style, and Italian tradition. The traditional company offers high quality collections in understated, luxurious designs. Elisabetta Canali is the company’s communications director. Her grandfather Giovanni and his brother Giacomo founded the Canali tailor shop near Milan in 1934 to create high quality clothing.

Today, the company with its 1500 employees is best known for exquisite, hand-made suits made in Italy. The company ranks among Italy’s leading premium quality clothing manufacturers. Each model is an exclusive creation, manufactured in accordance with strict Italian tailoring standards.

The company, which consists of a design group and a manufacturing group, is privately owned to this day and is now run by the third generation of the Canali family. Each individual garment is designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy in accordance with strict quality requirements. Canali sets itself apart in the fact that all of their products are made in their factories located in Italy.

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Canali Jacket

Canali Jacket CF01824.20271 503 GREY

Canali Trouser

Canali trousers AV02192.71019 col. 302 Blue

Canali Trouser

Canali trousers AN00019.71019.4R col. 303 Blue

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