Borsalino is a legendary Italian fashion house, creating headwear for men and women.

Giuseppe Borsalino founded his company in 1857, opening his own workshop on via Schiavina, Alessandria.

The brand, well-known for its exclusive headgear, becomes famous worldwide for the classic "fedora" hat, also known as Borsalino: it is a unisex soft felt hat, sunken in its length below the crown and folded on the both sides.

Borsalino has been creating more than 2000 hats in one hundred and fifty years of business; the brand proposes hats in a huge range of designs and colours, the 20’s cloche, studded with precious Swarovski and several redesigns of the popular brand’s icon.

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Borsalino Papier

$185.44 $148.35

Borsalino Canapa

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Borsalino Baseball

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Borsalino Baseball

$156.47 $125.18
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