Boglioli, is a menswear clothing brand, which is known for its natural creativity, and the ability to mix a strong tailoring tradition and an extravagant look.

The Boglioli icon is the unstructured man jacket, perfect in every moment of the day, declined in an endless designs, with a careful materials choice and extreme knowledge of their treatment and care.

Boglioli in Palermo is also available in our boutique in Via Alcide De Gasperi, 62.

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Boglioli Jacket

Boglioli Jacket BUC448.N1302J 0793 BLUE

Boglioli Jacket

Boglioli Jacket BLC406.N4302Q 0660 LIGHT BLUE

Boglioli Suit

Boglioli Suit SB3106.N4382EW 0430 BROWN

Boglioli Suit

Boglioli Suit SB3106.N13U2EW 0790 BLUE

Boglioli Suit

Boglioli Suit SB3437.N13L2Q 0782 BLUE

Boglioli Field Jacket

Boglioli giacca BUC707.OC0125 col. 0780 Blue

Boglioli Jacket

Boglioli Jacket N4302J.BSC415 0782 BLUE

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