Barrett is a luxury handcrafted footwear company for men, founded in Parma in 1917.

Artisan tradition and stylistic research have been dominant features of the premium brand's footwear for about a century, worn by presidents, illustrious celebrities and well-known entrepreneurs.

Barrett in Palermo is also available in our boutique in Viale Alcide De Gasperi, 62.

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Barrett Tassel Loafer Light Casmere

BARRETT | mocassin 221U011.3 col. Tabacco


Barrett Tassel Loafer Rixon

BARRETT | mocassin 211U046.1 col. Cuoio 312


Barrett Loafer Monk Int.Pasado

BARRETT | mocassin 221U049.3 col. Moka 691


Barrett Loafer Monk Rixon

BARRETT | mocassin 211U035.2 col. Cuoio 312


Barrett Loafer Monk Light Casmere

BARRETT | mocassin 211U035.3 col. Snuff

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