Barena is a young Italian brand of semi-artisanal menswear, with a bucolic allure and natural elegance, strongly linked to the Venetian tradition of the beginning of the last century.

Barena in Palermo is also available in our boutique in Via Alcide De Gasperi, 62.

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Barena Venezia Nalin

BARENA VENEZIA | t shirt TSU3719.2540 585 Lavagna


Barena Venezia Tosador

BARENA VENEZIA | trousers PAU3688.2617 241 Nocciola


Barena Venezia Tosador

BARENA VENEZIA | trousers PAU3688.2617 170 Navy


Barena Venezia Tosador

BARENA VENEZIA | trousers PAU3688.268 170 Navy


Barena Venezia Gia

BARENA VENEZIA | sweater KNU3737.439 240 Cammello


Barena Venezia Molena

BARENA VENEZIA | blazer GIU3666.0001 170 Navy


Barena Venezia Gafaro

BARENA VENEZIA | jacket Gafaro CSU3655.424 170 Navy


Barena Venezia Baron

BARENA VENEZIA | coat CSU3650.0001 240 Cammello


Barena Venezia Pantalone Bioto

Barena Trouser PAU3537.2656 258 BAMBOO


Barena Venezia Overshirt Nembo

Barena Field Jacket OSU3469.2608 235 BEIGE


Barena Venezia Overshirt Ferigo

Barena Shirt OSU3532.2586 230 ECRU


Barena Venezia T-Shirt Giro

Barena T-shirt TSU3511.2540 510 BIANCO


Barena Venezia Shirt Coppi

Barena Shirt CAU3495.3007 500 AVORIO


Barena Venezia Trouser Bativoga

Barena Trouser PAU3475.4117 360 KHAKI


Barena Venezia Bermuda Scandola

Barena Bermuda PAU3489.4117 360 KHAKI


Barena Venezia Shirt Mola

Barena Shirt CAU3493.3007 170 NAVY


Barena Venezia Trouser Nerio

Barena Trouser PAU3485.2650 230 ECRU


Barena Venezia Jacket Rea

Barena Jacket GIU3461.2650 230 ECRÙ

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