Anderson's is an Italian brand, born in 1966, a leading manufacturer of men's belts, known for the quality of the leather and materials used, making use of traditional craftsmanship of leather masters of Parma combined with the latest technology.


The belts are produced exclusively in the laboratory of Parma, the proposal comes from the "Classic Line", which uses the best fabrics in calf, crocodile, ostrich and lizard, the "Sport Line", packed in texture like leather and calfskin worked with techniques such saddler, until the "Line Summer" known for its woven cotton, cotton and leather, elastic leather and hand-woven.


The lifebelt hand finished and the tubular inner seam are the "must" of the collections Anderson's, which boasts every belt with materials from the best tanneries in Europe and achievable in many different colors, also a belt Anderson's is finished and hand-polished. The brand also produces custom creations.


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