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Salvatore Piccolo

Salvatore Piccolois a youthful creative handmade shirts label, based in Naples.

When he was 30 years old, the young self-established Piccolo took over the company where he worked, continuing production of exclusive items with his mother Mary, a popular shirtmaker, who has created tailored clothes for fifty years.

Salvatore Piccolo is a new fashion industry talent, he relies on his mother’s experience, reviving from the traditional tailoring the distinctive detail of the dart on the sleeve, in order to perfectly complement the natural arm position, (just as donna Maria used to do for her customers).

Today, the brand provides its shirts to prestigious customers such as the King of Kathar.

Each item is strictly "handmade" and it is characterized by an impeccable and unusual fit, different from all the other brands.

The original features of Salvatore Piccolo shirts are perfect collars, a slim cut, narrow shoulders and tight sleeves.

With regards to fabrics, shirts are made with the best linen threads, the finest Egyptian cotton, also in the twisted version.

Everything is made with a particular attention to details.

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