When heading to a sailing weekend these are our golden rules:

  1. Practical clothes,
  2. Stylish clothes!

A light waterproof backpack, a group of friends, sunshine and a sailing boat seem to be the secret to happiness. But what should you bring with you? Here’s our advice:

T-Shirt & Polo

Your first item should be a simple and comfortable t-shirt that goes with everything. For us, white is a perfect choice, even better with an embroidered detail like the ones from the stylish brand AMI. And if you want a bit more class yet comfort then pick a Polo Shirt

Bermudas and Swimsuit

The trousers should be comfortable and quick to dry. We believe that nothing screams “vacation” as clearly as bermudas or swimming shorts. Pick from our wide range of fun and colorful selection from the best brands of Made in Italy such as:

The right accessories

When hitting the beach there are two items that you can’t forget:

  • Sunglasses at our Boutique in Palermo we carry Izipizi, we love it because it has thought everything... designing glasses that are cool, colorful and most flattering! 
  • Hat have your choice between the classic light and fresh straw hat by Borsalino, or the more practical baseball cap!

Comfortable and no-slip shoes!

Finally, you will want to have shoes that are fit both for sailing and walking, sailor loafers are both elegant and practical with soles that guarantee the best grip on the slippery floors of a boat!

Waterproof backpack

Put all you need in one of our selection from Rains backpacks, as the name gives away, has your back (and all body) covered in case of bad weather and sea splashes!

Are you ready to sail away this summer and recharge the batteries and keep social distancing? Some of the best sailing spots in the world like Croatia, France and Greece are just around the corner. What will your choice be?

Happy Sails!

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