On Monday you’ll be going to the pub with your friends for “Pre-Christmas Drinks”, on Thursday it’s the company’s Secret Santa, next Tuesday is Christmas and one week after New Years! It’s the most eventful month of the year and everyone will expect you to be on point EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

So focus, and let us guide you through all the outfits you should consider in order to be always the most stylish in the room.

Christmas drinks with friends

For this event we would go with a smart casual style. Put some of your personality on it, after all, you are meeting your friends. Go for a grey pair of paints like these from Brooks Brothers, pair it with a white shirt and finish the look with your favourite pair of trainers. For example Rov is a smart choice.

Secret Santa & Christmas Jumper

Nowadays companies love their Christmas Jumper days. However, if you want to make a difference why not choose a Jumper that is also a work of art? Missoni has a limited collection of wool jumpers that look out of this world.

If you want to go for a more traditional style, we would suggest a night sky theme jumper by RODA.

Christmas day

If there’s one thing we are sure is that you will want to be comfortable for all the Christmas events with your family. There’s too much food going on and you have to make sure you have space for that! So forget tight clothes.

We recommend a simple shirt with a nice wool sweater or cardigan on top. Here’s a suggestion from Drumohr and another from Fedeli.

New Year’s Eve

For the New Year we have only one tip: Dress like the man you want to be.

We would also like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We hope you will continue being part of the Inzerillo family next year. Happy holidays!