Days are getting longer and temperatures are rising. Thinking about tying a tie is tortuous and the heavy blazers start looking better inside the closet than on you. But Summer also brings a ton of events: from sunset parties to family picnics the heat isn’t an excuse to go out of style!

So here are our tips for keeping it cool, even during summer:

Pick the right top

Patterned shirts are very in fashion right now, so get creative with it. Combined with jeans, plain pants or shorts it’s a light look that will keep you breezy. Basic t-shirts and linen shirts are also a great bet. Get a thin blazer and smart pants and you are good to go. Ready to impress!

Bermuda or Trausers?

With plain and light shirts, bold pants are a great choice. Playing with colours will make you stand out and step up your fashion game. If you like wearing shorts two tight: not too baggy, but with a bit of space and as for length slightly above the knee caps.

Casual or Classic Shoe?

White leather sneakers are one of our top choices. They go well with everything, specially if you are already wearing strong or bright colours. In more formal environments you might want to choose a pair of classic boat shoes or loafers.

If, on the other hand, you like more toned down shirts and pants, maybe complete the outfit with some colourful sneakers.

Swim Wear

Have fun choosing between the many great options of our swimsuit collection! We picked only the best brands all Made in Italy to guarantee durability, comfort and great style!

Keep cool with a hat

Wether you are exploring a city or relaxing at the beach, a good hat is a must! Not only it will keep you cool and protected from the sun but it will also add a touch of personal style and make any outfit look complete.

And that’s it! Our quick tips for a very stylish and cool summer!


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