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Established in 1955 and specialized in manufacturing men's shirts haute couture, our company G. INGLESE has a long history of craftsmanship with the use of traditional sewing machines and labors in possession of know‐how.

Our mission is to preserve the authentic art of tailoring, to revive the artisan traditions, handed down from our families until the 60s and propose our artifacts, an 'international audience.

The use of the best quality fabrics, along with continued investment in creativity and innovation to the ongoing work of the range of products has made our brand recognized on a global scale.

The turning point was the Japanese target market when, on the occasion of Pitti Immagine in Florence, we got a rapid rise, allowing us to serve users more representative.

With an annual production continues to grow and thanks to a careful revision of the perennial and modeling, to keep it at the forefront with the needs of the market, the company has been able to offer its customers a wide range of sophisticated products Made in Italy , thanks to its direct presence in the major industrialized countries.

Ancient tradition we made our source of inspiration: in the embroidery there is a culture passed down and not written of our country, self‐awareness and identity.

In addition, a particularly careful and accurate is dedicated to tailor to measure, in order to obtain a true work of art that tell a story, be able to fulfill the most complex customer needs.

The key issue is the design of the tailoring school, because our commitment is also addressed in the art handed down to new generations, with an educational program that would collect and study the origins of the tissues, until the construction of the building with the novelty paradoxical to use the old hand looms, all housed in an old building restored and immersed in the heart of old Town Ginosa.